App Designer Virtual Secrets Sales Room
We are pleased to present you the Virtual Secrets Sales Room!

Because we believe that our people are our greatest concern and therefore, we invest in its appreciation and achievement.
We are some kind of a reference to other designers, designers that who started with us and today they are among the "bigger ones"!
We are functional because we promote a culture of professional valorization, ambitious goals, innovation and opportunities to good and new designers.
We support as well the pioneers of the Fashion world in the SL!
We offer challenging paths where our people have the opportunity to make a difference in the business and in the communities where we carry out our activities.

5 Reasons to Choose to be part of VSSR Event!


We privilege the mobility of our members within the Group, both in terms of hierarchical ascendancy in the career of designers in SL as in the diversification of skills, promoting their creations in our event, thus also promoting their brands.


The rigor, transparency and innovation that guide our actions are axes that characterize a demanding and cooperative group environment, where the team effort is more valued than the individual work.


Being part of our group like ours is to be part of a family. A family that joins to face the difficulties and surpasses the challenges they face daily.


We aim to make a difference, not only in the conduct of the business of our group members, but also in the constant support to the communities / Events surrounding SL where we have developed our "ADS Partnership" activity.


In Corporate Responsibility, we want to continue to be a reference event in the event advertising sector where we operate (Flickr, Facebook, Event Finder, FashionCentric, EpicGachaMarketEventAdvertise, SL DestinationGuide, 2.Life Page,Google,etc...) promoting the work of our designers and bloggers in a fair and balanced way, in a faithful commitment to our group members.

Second Life® and Linden Labs® are registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.
Virtual Secrets SR is not sponsored by or affiliated with Linden Research.
No infringement is intended.

For more infos about the GUIDELINES, please check our official website!

VSSR Management

Carla Monigal Eyren (Carla Monigal)(CEO)
YunaLiah Hastings (YunaLiah Fang) (Co-CEO/Manager)
Cherry Inventor (theessenceofevil Resident) (Blogger Manager)

Be aware that your application does not guarantee the acceptance into the event!
In case that you are accepted, you will be notified in Second Life in within 48hours after your registration!

Please do not apply for this event in case that you dont have a inworld store or a marketplace store,otherwise your application will be immediately rejected.

Sincerely, Greetings!

VSSR Management

About the November round!
Because the ThanksGiving is a time to give, the VSSR Management decided to make a special event round!
There will be no rental to pay, instead we will have a tipjar where you can do your donation to the event with the amount you wish.
There will be NO EXCLUSIVES CREATIONS but because is a time to give, lets give the opportunity to people have your amazing creations for a maximal price of 50L$
I hope you all enjoy and participate this next round!
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