Space Queen of Cadets Raffle (Queen of Hearts)  ENTRY PRICE IS $5 (No limit of # of entries)
A standard deck of cards is spread out and put face down. One random entry is picked per week and the number card that the person chose from 1-54 with that entry is flipped. If it is a 2 through 10, the winner wins 5%  of the pot.  If it is a face card (Jack through Ace), the prize money is 7.5% of the pot.   If the winning entry flips over a Joker, they win 10% of the pot.  If the winning entry's holder is present in the stream at the time of the drawing, their prize money doubles.  In those 3 instances, the raffle continues on to the next week.  If the Queen of Hearts is flipped, the raffle ends.  If the winner is present at the live stream, they receive 75% of the pot. If not present, they receive 50% of the pot and the rest will be used to start the beginning of the next raffle on a fresh board minus a few overhead expenses.  So the following 2 answers are important. REPEAT NUMBERS ARE OK.  For example if I buy 20 tickets, I can choose the same number for each ticket or pick the same number that a friend or enemy picks.
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