Biblical Counselor Application
Biblical Counselor Synopsis:
Why we do it – We believe that spiritual guidance and discipleship should be available at no cost to anyone with spiritual, emotional or psychological needs. We trust that God’s Word is sufficient to meet all our needs and want to share these Biblical principles with others.
 Time Commitment – Flexible, Minimum 1 hour per week, 1 hour per month and 3 weekends per year (Training).
 Spiritual Gifts – Encouragement, Teaching, Discernment, Wisdom, Prophecy, Mercy
 Knowledge, Skills & Abilities – Ability to connect with people, Ability to apply God’s Word to practical everyday situations. Skill to communicate God’s truth in a loving, merciful way.
 Expectations – Meet weekly with counselee(s) for guidance sessions; Meet monthly with counseling team; Attend local, annual training conference (3 weekends per year in the fall).
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