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Oura Tags are a great way to track and understand the effects of certain behaviors, events, or situations on your health.

We already offer over 100 Tags, but as we develop new ones and reimagine the Tagging experience, we want to hear from our member community: What Tags do you wish you could use in the Oura App? 

Our team will take these under consideration in future Tag drops. 

In 2023 so far, we've released the following new Tags, in part thanks to Oura member requests and ideas: 
Breastfeeding; Compression; Emergency contraceptive; Evening sunlight; Foam roller; Heat training; Insomnia; Mastitis; Morning sunlight; Muscle stimulator; Night sweats; No alcohol; No late meal; No late workout; No medication; No melatonin; No nap; Painkiller; Positive LH test; Positive pregnancy test; Pregnancy loss; Reading before bed; Shift work; Sleep solo; Sunlight alarm; Wind down routine
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