Open Company Competition Piece
All forms must be submitted by Wednesday, February 10th. Please visit for more information.
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Rehearsal Policy
If a dancer misses rehearsal for an excused reason, they will still be in what is taught/gone over. Excused absences include reasons like sickness with a fever, death in the family, etc. A dancer is allowed a total of 2 excused absences. After that, they run the risk of not being in a section of the dance or not being in the dance at all. No refunds will be offered. Dancers must contact us before the rehearsal starts for an absence to be excused. If a dancer misses rehearsal for an unexcused reason, they will at minimum be taken out of the section that is worked on that day and at most be taken out of the entire piece. No refunds will be offered.
Trust Policy
You are required to trust WEAVE with all artistic decisions of this piece including:

1. Places within the dance
2. Music & Style Preferences (this information is listed in the details section on
3. The choreographer choice
4. Costumes choice

Trusting us with these types of decisions are the only way you/your dancer can participate in this piece. Questioning these decisions or failure to comply with the above will result in a suggestion to not be apart of this piece.
Cancelation Policy
In the possibility that this event gets canceled, your fee or a portion of your fee (depending on how many rehearsals were held), will be credited towards the next available competition. No other types of transfers or refunds will be given.

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