Burn Eden Recruitment
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1.Main name *
2. Alts (that will be applying to corp) *
3. What nationality are you and what time zone(s) do you play in? *
4. Do you know anyone in UDIE? If not, where and how did you find us? *
5.Do you have an alt able to fly an inty, dictor, or links? *
6. Give a brief summary of what you've done recently in eve. What do you like about your previous groups? What do you miss?
7. Optional. Very briefly explain any notable things you've been a part of or helped achieve previously. If possible, link a video, br, or KM.
8. How do you make isk to sustain your PVP habit? *
9. Link the fits for two ships you like to fly in a nano-gang including drugs and implants.  Explain and be able to defend the reasoning behind it. *
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