Welcome to COSTABAJA CLASSIC 2013 Fishing Tournament

    FRIDAY 8 and SATURDAY 9, November 2013

    Registration $ 3,000.00 per boat + $ 1,000.00 per person (Includes Food Opening Dinner and Food Awards) ONLY CASH PAYMENTS will be accepted in the Hotel LOBBY COSTABAJA RESORT & SPA with ISMAEL MEDINA (Space is limited) from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm to do: 1. Pay for the tournament registration 2. Fill in the registration form 3. Deliver Vessel Permit 4. Deliver fishing licenses per team members

    Registrations are now OPEN!

    Reservations at Hotel COSTABAJA RESORT & SPA

    At the following link: reservations@costabajaresort.com www.costabajaresort.com Phone: (612) 123-6000 Ask for the SPECIAL TARIFF for tournament participants COSTABAJA CLASSIC 2013, Special tariff: $ 1,482.00 pesos (taxes included)

    Boats or pangas reservation, and purchase of fishing licenses:

    Yolanda Espinoza At the following link: www.econaviera.com Email econaviera@hotmail.com Phone: (612) 348-87-87 (612) 179-16-17 Choose, boat or panga according to your budget..!!

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    Patricia Dillon p.dillon@costabaja.com info@torneosenmovimiento.com Cellular: 818-600-95-13


    The Costa Baja Resort & Spa invites all Domestic and Foreign fishermen to participate in the 1st Marlin Tournament and Mixed Species 2013, to be held at its facility in La Paz, BCS. The Tournament will be held Friday 8 & Saturday 9, NOVEMBER under the following BASES 1. – The First Marlin Tournament and Mixed Species 2013 will be held in 2 categories of fishing. 2. Categories:

    CLASS "A": Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Sail and Wahoo.

    All Marlin and Sailfish will compete under a Catch and release modified bases. Each team must have a camera showing the correct date. – To substantiate releases should take pictures and present them as evidence.

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    Black or blue Marlin submitted additional 3 points will be awarded for every kilo above 120 kg. - Striped Marlin additional 3 points will be awarded for every kilo above 55 kg. - Sailfish additional 3 points will be awarded for every kilo above 32 kg. - Tuna yellow or black will be awarded 3 bonus points for every kilo above 10kg. - Gold is awarded 3 bonus points for every kilo above 10 kg. - Wahoo additional 3 points will be awarded for every kilo above 10kg. * Should be less catch is discarded and a penalty of 100 points.

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    CATEGORY "B": Sardine Sea Bass, Snapper, Snapper, Grouper.

    - The species in this category must present in scale. - 100 points will be awarded to the team that this greater weighing accumulated 99 points to second, 98 to third and so on. - The winner of this category will be the team with the highest rating. - The limit is 10 parts per team of which only 5 may be of the same species. - Do not allow the fish is presented maimed. Three. - The teams participating in both categories for the same inscription. April. - The winner of each category will be the sum the most points in each category. May. - The overall winner of the tournament will be the team with the highest amount of points of the two categories. June. - The departure and arrival of vessels, as well as the place where will be held in shall be at the Costa Baja. July. - The day before the tournament will take place entries in the locations indicated in the previous point, the opening of the tournament will be at 7:00 pm Friday. The official fishing hours will be from 7:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs, the award will be at 16:30 hrs the same day. August. - Randomly, some arrests made will be opened after being weighed by the judge and his assistants, and reviewed by biologists authorized by SAGARPA. Also, on a random video cameras were installed to sanction the validity of the catch. 9. - The registration fee per team will be $ 3,000.00 (Three Thousand Pesos 00/100 nm). Will need to pay an additional $ 1,000.00 per person, which includes dinner Opening and Food Awards. Failure to reach 50 teams will be divided according to the percentages given bag. Of all the stock to accumulate 20% will be offered to a public charity Peace. 10. - The Award will be divided into 2 categories, paying cash to the place 5 of the following:

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    1. - The judge's decision is final. 2. - It is mandatory that all fishermen have their current individual fishing permit. 3. - It is the obligation of participants aware of Rules and Regulations carefully and consult the official notice board or board will be placed on the official scale of the judges. All last minute changes in the Rules and Regulations of the tournament will be posted on this board and will be compulsory for all fishermen. 4.-It is mandatory for the Team Captain to attend the Captains Meeting on Friday 8th at 18:00 Hrs at Nativity Hall located inside the hotel. 5. - There ar no restrictions on the style of fishing equipment as well as on line class. 6 - The use of mops. 7. - Nurseries will be reviewed before boats go fishing, granting the angler a password with your number as proof of nursery equipment reviewed by the judges, the team not present at the time of weighing the password is not entitled to record their catches. 8. - The IGFA Rules are NOT valid in this tournament. 9. - Each team will be responsible for carrying their catch to present on the scale, after filing the Register will be returned to the fishermen. 10. - Scale Judge will give the angler weighing your ballot. It is the responsibility of the angler check at the time that the information, the number of equipment, time and day of weighing and the weight / points are correct. The fisherman will go to the registration table and presented to the judge of the event the ballot, which shall be sealed. By sealing such ballot, the fisherman agree that all the information there is correct so it will not be accepted as amended. Only in case of system failure may affect the results, for which the angler must present a copy of the weigh in question. 11. - Once the fish takes the bait and hook, should worked and approach the boat without further aid the reel, rod and line. The fisherman may be assisted in the placement of the rod in the pipeline, brake adjustment etc.., But not be "rotated" in the fight with the fish. 12. - For the record catch, the team captain must appear in person before the judge of the tournament, showing your membership card, who shall issue a receipt containing the card number, species, weight, date and time. It is prohibited to submit screenshots they reach the ground weighing area, even for reasons of force majeure or acts of God. 13. - The judge does not receive any part after the scale is lowered at 16:00 pm the day of the tournament. There will be an official clock in a place visible to all which is governed by the judge and contestants. 14. - The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any accident that tuvieren contestants before, during and after the tournament, therefore, the contestants with their boats will enter the competition at their own risk. 15. - Although there staff to help move the boat catching the fish to the scales will be solely responsible for the catch is presented in good condition before the judge. 16. - Any fisherman who detects any irregularity committed by participants from other vessels, should report immediately by radio or in person with the evidence in its possession to support his complaint and the committee will be required to conduct relevant research and qualify and their penalize the failure case before the awards ceremony. 17. - The contents of this regulation is limited, but not limited, so what is not included in it, will be decided by the presiding judge at their discretion and the organizing committee. 18. - By order of the Ministry of Communications and Transport, and for personal safety, it is mandatory to bring on board the boat, VHF radio, on and tuned to the frequency designated by the organizing committee in the board of captains. 19. - The participant who is caught committing any lack of those referred as disqualifying automatically be out of the competition he, members of his team and all catches have registered. 20. - The event will be televised nationally by With Rod and Reel, so participants agree to sign up, assign all rights of filming on their persons and whaling promoting destination and fishing activity itself sports. 21. - The organizing committee for the winners retain the share of federal and state taxes.


    a) Violate the rules and tournament rules and regulations written in this text; b) Rotate the angler during the fight with the fish. c) Do not file your fishing license. d) Submit to the decaying fish or signs of having been frozen; e) Fishing freehand, ie without rod and reel angler symbol or with electric reels; f) Provide an unsportsmanlike conduct g) Other causes not covered, serious enough opinion of the judge or committee go against the spirit of sport fishing.


    The Organizer is not responsible for the cancellation of Tournament due to weather conditions or for reasons that the Port Captain sees fit.