Nagel Storage Special Use Permit
File No. USE-0002-2020
Exhibit: 4A
Public Hearing Information
Applicant: Ace Solutions
Location: 5th Avenue just east of Pleasant View Road
Request: To build 14 warehouse-office units as per PFMC
Hearing Date: January 12, 2021
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Idaho state law only allows the City Council, Planning Commission or Hearing Examiner to consider comments related to the adopted criteria listed below. Please tell us how the requested Special Use Permit either does or does not meet the following criteria:
1. Would implementation of the proposed Special Use Permit conform to the purposes of the applicable zoning district?
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Question 1 Comments
2. Is the requested special use an allowable use in the applicable zoning district and does the special use comply with all other applicable laws, ordinances and regulations of the State and City?
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3. Will the proposed special use be compatible with the health, safety and welfare of the public or with land uses in the vicinity of the proposal?
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4. Will the proposed special use comply with the goals and policies found within the Comprehensive Plan?
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Question 4 Comments
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