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Why Aussie Broadband?
As you may have heard the NBN roll-out has been far from smooth sailing.

Many homes and businesses have been reporting much slower speeds than promised. Some even slower than their existing ADSL connection. Others have found themselves without an internet connection at all! Sometimes for a period of weeks or months. And with the NBN, no internet means no phone line. That can cause real problems, especially if you have an alarm system or lift.

If it's your businesses phone line that stops working it can be disastrous.

Aussie Broadband have setup their own connection to each NBN point (POI). Essentially they have their own network within the NBN and will only sell connections up to a maximum of 80% of capacity in any area. If you've experienced "congestion" with other NBN providers you'll appreciate how frustrating it can be.

Check out the latest Australian Competition and Consumer Commission report (July 2018);


- Australian Call Centres (based in regional Victoria and Adelaide)
- Australian based network monitoring
- The ability to increase data rates at peak times
- Ongoing investments in local community groups
- No additional usage charges (speeds are slowed if data limit is reached)
- REALISTIC estimates of speed, connection times and possible installation issues.
- REAL people to talk to

Aussie broadband DO NOT offer unlimited NBN plans. Companies that do are hiding the fact that the congestion on their networks seriously limits the amount of data that can be downloaded anyway.

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Aussie Broadband has a number of plans for different speeds and download limits. If you've spoken to us about a connection chances are we've tested your address for a likely speed and can recommend a monthly download limit as well.
We can supply a VDSL VOIP modem. Aussie Broadband offer a Netcomm modem for $199 however we're recommending the TP-Link pictured below. It's a little cheaper, easier to configure and has a bit better WiFi range.
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*Credit Card charges will apply
We offer a professional installation service. NBN itself is fairly easy to get up and running however to make the transition as smooth as possible we can;

- Check your cable connection and re-terminate the plug if required
- Clone your previous WiFi settings so devices automatically reconnect
- Run speed tests and advise you if you should consider new cabling or points
- Ensure your new phone service (if required) is properly re-routed through the existing wiring within your property
- Configure the modem and phone line for any CCTV, lifts, alarms or medical services within the property

Do you require installation? *
*$99 callout fee applies including the first half hour. $77 per hour after that.
IMPORTANT - Cancellation of your old service
Once your NBN service is up and running please ensure you call your old provider and cancel your old service.
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