Graphing Calculator Information
Please provide some identifying information for your child's calculator. This information will only be seen by the math staff and the administrators. We will use this information to help us reconnect a missing calculator with a student.
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Calculator Model (Ex: TI-83, TI-84, etc) *
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What is the ID number of your child's calculator? *
Where is the ID number in a TI calculator? The ID number can be found in the menu of the calculator. On a TI-83 Plus, make the following selections: 2nd button > MEM(+ button) > About(1 button). The ID number will appear and is a combination of digits and letters separated by hyphens. This is a unique number that is assigned to each individual calculator.
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How is your child's calculator labeled?
Did they write their name in permanent marker? Are there stickers, etc.?
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Are there any unique markings or damage?
Is the screen cracked or damaged? Is there a big scratch across the cover?
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