This is the sign up sheet for the larp LIGHTHOUSE by Riveting LARP. Please register the same email address that you will be using during the larp.
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Players under 18 must have written parental permission.
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We are not asking for your complete history of larping! We want to know if you are a newbie, inexperienced or experienced in general, are you a nordic style larper, if you've done online larping before etc. to get the lay of the land.
You will write your own characters for this larp. We will stand by to help anyone who needs it. You are sending in your character separately.
Do you want to create your own character? *
Are you thinking of playing more than one character? *
What level of Lighthouse membership is your character? *
If you are playing more than one character, please answer 'Both represented' if some of your characters are Novices and some of them are Keepers.
Would you be interested in physical or digital in-person meetups as your character throughout the larp if possible? *
Issues or topics you are uncomfortable with that is not already covered on our website? *
Is there anything of relevance you want us to know? Something we should be aware of or anything we can assist with etc.? *
Where did you hear about Lighthouse or Riveting LARP? *
Instagram, through friends, Facebook groups, by following Riveting on FB or the FB event, the website etc.?
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