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Please use this form to submit a proposal for an AJIL Unbound symposium. You may wish to refer to past AJIL Unbound symposia as an indication of the topics and range of contributions suitable for AJIL Unbound’s format, as well as to AJIL Unbound’s style sheet. In particular, AJIL Unbound publishes short, original essays of international legal scholarship that are written in a readable style accessible to policymakers, practitioners, and students. Essays are lightly footnoted and are strictly limited to 3000 words, including citations.

Please note that the editors of AJIL and AJIL Unbound may modify or combine symposium proposals to better serve AJIL Unbound’s mission and audience. The editor for the symposium will be selected by AJIL Unbound, typically from AJIL’s Board of Editors.

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Please include (1) a description of the topic; (2) specific questions you expect some or all of the essays to address; (3) methodology, if relevant; and (4) the most likely audience(s) for the topic.
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How will this symposium’s approach be different from other writings related to this topic (blogs, articles, books, etc.)? If this topic has been the subject of a conference or symposium in which you have participated, please describe.
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Please note that the AJIL Unbound editorial team approves authors and issues invitations directly, and we may choose to select alternative authors for accepted proposals. For symposia relating to judicial decisions, it is strongly preferred that the proposed contributors not have had any involvement in the case leading up to the decision, whether as advocate or party or in any other capacity. In selecting authors, AJIL Unbound prioritizes diverse viewpoints, methodologies, and backgrounds. In particular, AJIL Unbound seeks gender balance and encourages participation by non-U.S. authors and younger scholars.
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