CHANGE Membership Application
Membership in this student organization is voluntary and will last for the amount of time that you are enrolled at Clemson University in good standing with CHANGE, unless you voluntarily withdraw your membership. Depending on your application and the needs of CHANGE, you may or may not be selected for an interview. You will be contacted via email to thank you for applying and to inform you of the status of your application.
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* Freshman and first-year transfer students do not need to upload a resume; however, applicants with resumes are preferred. If you desire to add a resume to your application at a later date, you may email one to within 10 days of submitting your application.
Please attach 1 faculty letter of recommendation. (Freshman, first-year graduate students, and first-year transfer students are exempt from this requirement).
This recommendation must specifically support you becoming a member of CHANGE. If you do not currently have this recommendation, please email it to within 30 days of sending your application.
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