Application as Co-/Caster / Referee for the
Thank you guys a lot for helping and applying as a Co-/Caster / Referee to increase the fun for everyone. (Viewers/Players/The Community) username ? * account is required. You don't have one ? Register here: You don't know how this video explains the process till 2:32 :
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Where are you From/Whats your Timezone ?
NA EU AUS RU, UTC (Timezone)
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What are you Applying for ?
If you want to be a Referee it it makes your job far easier if you have experience in Comp NS2 and be known on the !! You can do both (Caster+Referee) but then doing Referee work has always priority.
Did you read this link: and do you Fully agree to the Caster/Referee requirement part ?
Do you got Any Experience with Competitive NS2 6vs6 Games ?
Caster: What is your Stream channel link ? or etc
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Caster: Would you like to have/be a Cocaster ?
Nobody likes the feeling of "talking to yourself" so we need to know who would Cocast or like to have a Cocast
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