SDMEA Board Position Nominations 2021
SDMEA would like your input in providing us with nominations for the following board positions: Elementary Chair-Elect, Middle School Band Chair-Elect, Choral Chair, and Diversity/Advocacy Chair. Please provide your nominee's current teaching assignment and contact email if possible.
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Nomination for Elementary Chair-Elect (4 year position--2 years Chair-Elect, 2 years Chair). The Elementary Chair-elect will work with the Elementary Chair to coordinate all elementary music functions of SDMEA, including Elementary Honors Choir and Elementary Festival Choir.
Nomination for Middle School Band Chair (4 year position, 2 years as Chair-elect, 2 years as Chair) The Middle School Band Chair elect will work with the Middle School Band Chair to coordinate all Middle School Band functions of SDMEA, including Middle School All-State Band.
Choral Chair (2 year position). The Choral Chair will coordinate all high school choral functions of SDMEA, including the Freshman Choir Festival.
Diversity/Advocacy Chair (appointed position). This is a new appointed board position. This person will work with the SDMEA board on diversity, access, equity, and inclusion, and work with the SD Department of Education and State Government on advocacy.
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