Theme Camp Applications | Nest 2019
Nest's Theme Camp application form is here to help us figure out what’s needed to happen bring your vision of a Theme Camp into a reality at Nest 2019 and to help guide your planning for your Theme Camp.

The form may feel eclectic as you work your way through the sections but it covers the essentials of what we need to know to help you bring your Theme Camp to Nest.

Your primary point of contact will be your friendly Theme Camp Liaison, Nick, who will be in touch shortly after you have submitted this form. Contact details you input in this form may be shared with other members of the Core Team who need to get in touch with you about specific requirements. They will not be shared outside of the Core Team without your explicit consent.

You can't save the form before submitting; however, you are able to go back and add information after you have submitted the form. Please complete Section 2 as soon as you receive this form so we have your contact details. Complete responses would be appreciated as soon as you can, but definitely by the end of March to give us time to plan

If you're looking for inspiration, the theme this year is primordial wonderland. Think giant plants and fungi, lush primeval jungles, primitive magical creatures, roaming herds of feral beasts, cocoon camps, ancient stone circles and land art.

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