Official Form - East Texas Book Bash 2018
This is the official form for #ETBB2018 being held in August 2018. This will be our second year.

Thank you for taking the time to read and fill out the form. Below is all information on the signing.

Spots are *limited*!!

Laura Lee
Sweets Books

Venue - Harvey Hall Convention Center
Address - 2000 W. Front Street, Tyler, Texas 75702
Location - Tyler, TX (Hr and half south of DFW)
Date - 08/04/2018

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East Texas Book Bash 2018 will be held at Harvey Hall Convention Center in Tyler, TX. We will be hosting #ETBB every August at the same venue.

Friday, August 3rd:
Meet -N- Greet for authors, models, PA's and ETBB staff. This is not mandatory. Location will be determined later.

Saturday, August 4th:
Check-in will begin at 10am and the signing will open to VIP's at 2:30pm and General Admission will be allowed entry at 3pm.

**There will be no early set-up the night before. You will have 4 & 1/2hrs to set-up from 10am to 2:30pm.

The tables are 8ft and big enough for 1 or 2 authors depending on if you prefer to have a table to yourself or share. There is a Non-Refundable deposit of $50, this is to hold your table. You can do payments, your remaining balance will be divided out to no more then $50 each month. You can have a PA and models. The first PA is free for additional PA's and models it will be $30 each. Deposits will be due after we have an official date in August. The remaining balance will come due in February 2018. **Deposit ($50) is non-refundable.

Full Table (8ft) - $200
Half Table (4ft) - $150

Hotel Accommodations:
I will have a block set up with 4 different hotels in Tyler. I will set this up in November 2017.

There are the ones in DFW, but there is also one in Tyler if you choose to fly straight into Tyler. So you won't have to deal with DFW traffic. There is a car rental place nearby the airport. Also Tyler does have taxi's & UBER.

Lunch will be provided prior to the event starting.

The day of the event we will have a photobooth. It will have a box of props and you can do group photo's!! Best part you get to take the images home with you the day of the event!!

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