Hazvi Yisrael 5781 Membership & Seats
I/We wish to apply for membership of Bet Haknesset Hazvi Yisrael for 5780 and to reserve seats for the Yamim Noraim 5781 as follows:
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We wish to determine the number of congregants who expect to attend the tefillot. As the holidays approach and the Ministry of Health updates its instructions, we will contact you by email and telephone with regard to changes.
Men's Section
Women's Section
Please complete the following tables with the appropriate amounts:
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Full Name in Hebrew
Member's name בן Father's name and mother's name (i.e. ראובן בן יעקב ולאה)
Hebrew Dates of Yahrzeit of members' parents
Name of deceased
Date of passing
If you also have a foreign address please complete the following:
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