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Yes, I want incarcerated people in MA to have access to hygiene products!

We are sending $10 to each Black and Pink -Boston, and Deeper Than Water member. This will provide the resources for people locked up in MA to purchase necessary items to protect against COVID-19.

The Ask:

Please fill out this form if you are able to electronically deposit $10 into an incarcerated person's canteen account so they can buy hygiene products, including soap, chapstick, lotion, or medication. A $3 transaction fee will be applied to each completed transaction up to $100. Note: if you are randomly paired with someone in a federal prison, the transaction fee is $5.95.


After you submit this form we will send you the name(s) of incarcerated people and their institutional ID number. If you are new to Access Corrections, we will also send instructions on how to deposit funds.

Once you send someone money, please send us a screen shot of the transaction receipt so we can check them off our list and, if indicated below, issue you a reimbursement.


If you already send money to someone who's incarcerated, you should know some prisons do not allow one person to deposit to two different people's accounts within the same prison. However, you can make a gift to a person at any (or every) other institution.
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