Science Rendezvous 2020: Volunteer Sign-Up
Science Rendezvous (SR) is Canada's largest science and engineering festival! Be part of the fun by volunteering at Winnipeg's event, which takes place at the University of Manitoba's Fort Garry campus. This year's theme is STEAM Green!

We are holding 3 days of festivities on April 30th, May 1st and May 9th, 2020. Fill out this form to volunteer. Every role, big or small, contributes to the magic of the event. Let us know what you're passionate about (biology? music? balloon sculptures? robots? painting? bugs?), and we'll find the right fit for your interests and talents!

These 2 days are a free field trip for 2,000 elementary students in grades 3 to 5 from Winnipeg and beyond. Classes sign-up in advance and are each led around by their university student guide for the duration of their 3-hour visit. Each class sees a live show, spends time at an area of interactive booths, has a snack/lunch break, and does a 30-minute directed activity.

This Saturday event is for families, and last year it brought about 5,000 people to campus! The day is free-form, with people wandering based on wonder and what excites them. Shows, tours, and booths inspire and delight people of all ages.
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The email address you provide here must be your UNIVERSITY email address (example: If you are a University of Manitoba student and do not provide a correct UofM email address, we will not be able to give you credit on your CCR (Co-Curricular Record) for your volunteer time. CCR is only available to U of M students, unfortunately ICM students are not eligible for CCR. We are happy to provide a letter indicating you volunteer contribution if needed.
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Perks for Volunteers
As part of Science Rendezvous you will receive an event t-shirt, CCR (if eligible), breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the event days during your volunteer hours, and of course a whole lot of fun!
T-Shirt Size *
You will be given ONE free Science Rendezvous t-shirt to wear on all event days, and you get to keep the shirt! If you have a shirt from last year's event (2017 or 2018 - it's red and says DISCOVER) that fits, please plan to wear this instead of getting a new one. T-SHIRT SIZING IS UNISEX.
Dietary Restrictions *
Breakfast, lunch, and snack food will be provided for volunteers on all event days. We do our best to provide multiple options and healthy snacks. To help us accommodate your needs, please check all items below that apply to you.
Please note that for CCR (Co-Curricular Record) credit you must volunteer for a minimum of 10 hours. You will sign in and out on each event day. CCR is only available to U of M students, unfortunately ICM students are not eligible for CCR. We are happy to provide a letter indicating your volunteer contribution if needed.

Select one option indicating the times that you ARE available for each event date below. Priority for leadership roles, such as Building Captains and Booth Captains, will be given to people who are available all day on all 3 dates.

Set-up is from 7am - 10am on each event day. Take-down is from 2pm - 4pm on April 30th & May 1st and from 4pm - 6pm on May 9th.
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Are you available to help with event preparation in the weeks leading up to the event?
Volunteer Positions
THIS EVENT IS LED BY STUDENTS! If you'd like to get involved in a BIG way, please consider either of these options:

If you would like to help with overall event organization throughout March, April, and May, please complete this form but ALSO EMAIL as soon as possible with the subject "SR Event Organizer". We have 7 Event Organizing Teams: Volunteer Coordination, Discover Days, Logistics, Programming, Fundraising and Sponsorship, Marketing and Communications, and Outreach Extension (follow up activities for school groups).

If you would like to be part of one of the live shows (either as an actor or a backstage person), show development and rehearsals happen throughout March and April, and performances are scheduled on all 3 event days in May. Please complete this form, but ALSO EMAIL as soon as possible with the subject "SR Show Team". We have 2 Show Teams: Physics and Chemistry.


There are many different volunteer roles in Science Rendezvous - something for everyone! Please be aware that the majority of roles require some training or collaboration in advance of the event.

Manager and point of contact for all concerns within one building. Must have previous Science Rendezvous experience. Priority is given to people who are available all day on all 3 days. A very limited number of people are needed for this position, and it will be assigned based on past experience. Has mandatory training.

There are about 50 different, interactive booths! Each booth has a captain that helps develop and organize that booth prior to the event, as well as run it on event days. Responsible for leading the team of volunteers for your booth. Has mandatory training.

Help run a booth in your subject area of interest. Interact with kids and the public to enjoy and explain the concept behind your particular booth. The majority of volunteers are assigned as Booth Volunteers, and each person is assigned to a particular booth.

Help set-up event materials that are not specific to individual booths, such as way-finding signs, tables, and balloons.

Distribute food to volunteer bases in 3 buildings, as well as to volunteers who are unable to leave their booths or stations.

SCHOOL GROUP GUIDE (only April 30th & May 1st)
Guide a class of elementary students to their activities, staying with one group for their whole 3-hour visit. Must be energetic, reliable, and responsible. Has mandatory training.

ACTIVITY CAPTAIN (only April 30th & May 1st)
There are about 15 different, directed, hands-on activities. The activity lasts 30 minutes and is held in a classroom or space where only that activity is happening. These are run for one class of elementary students at a time (15-30 kids with chaperones, their classroom teacher, and their School Group Guide) and are repeated 3 times on each of May 2nd and 3rd (i.e. you run the same activity 6 times in total). Each activity has a captain that helps develop and organize that activity prior to the event, as well as run it on event days. Responsible for leading the team of volunteers for your activity. Priority given to faculty, graduate students, and others with research experience.

ACTIVITY VOLUNTEER (only April 30th & May 1st)
Help run a 30-minute activity in your subject area of interest for classes of elementary kids.

LOST CHILD STATION (only April 30th & May 1st)
Watch for lost children and assist children who approach you. A quiet but important job. Must be responsible.

SIDEWALK MURAL (only May 9th)
Be a part of the team that designs and creates a giant sidewalk mural. The sidewalk mural is created on Friday, May 10th (the day before the public event), using sidewalk chalk and paint. Meetings beforehand will plan a theme and construct some templates. Artistic experience is a plus but not necessary.

Provide information to visitors, either stationed at an Info Booth, Ticket Booth, or as a wandering Info Person. Must be outgoing. Has mandatory training.

T-SHIRT SELLER (only May 9th)
Sell t-shirts to the public. Must be comfortable counting and tracking money.

FACE PAINTER (only May 9th)
Paint kids' faces with science and engineering related designs.

FOOD HANDLER (only on May 9th)
Serve popcorn or ice cream to the public. Priority given to people who have their Food Handler Certificate.

PARKING USHER (only May 9th)
Direct cars, greet people, and direct people to the event area.

PHOTOGRAPHER (only May 9th)
Photograph the event as a wandering photographer, or be stationed at the Photo Booth. Has mandatory training.

SHOW USHER (only on May 9th)
Regulate the flow of people into the Chemistry and Physics shows at set showtimes. Need an authoritative presence and must be comfortable being assertive. Has mandatory training.

SURVEYOR (only May 9th)
Wander with an iPad and get visitors to fill out an event survey. Must be comfortable approaching people.

CROWD GATHERER (only May 9th)
Create hype in the crowd! Advertise tours and shows. Gather and lead groups of people to relevant areas. Must be outgoing and able to project a loud voice. Has mandatory training.

Dress up as one of the heroes of science and wander around meeting the crowds. You will be stamping passports and meeting the kids. Must be outgoing and have a sense of fun. MUST ATTEND - the living scientists are listed on the program.
2020 Pre-Committed Role
If you are already committed to a specific role for Science Rendezvous 2020, please explain it below. What are you doing? Who already knows about it? Are there other people who have agreed to help? Which dates (April 30th, May 1st, 9th) have you committed to this role?
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1st Preference *
Based on the descriptions of different roles given above and the dates you are available, please select the position that appeals to you the most.
2nd Preference *
Based on the descriptions of different roles given above and the dates you are available, please select the position that appeals to you second most.
3rd Preference *
Based on the descriptions of different roles given above and the dates you are available, please select the position that appeals to you third most.
Have you volunteered for Science Rendezvous before? *
Previous SR Role
If you answered "Yes" to the question above: briefly state your role(s) at Science Rendezvous in past years, and let us know whether you would like to have the same role this year or not. If you were at a booth, please tell us which booth.
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Traits *
Please rate yourself in reference to each of the following traits.
Comfortable approaching strangers
Experience *
Please rate your level of experience with each of the following tasks.
Working with kids
Counting and tracking money
Public speaking
Directing groups of people
Photography experience
Leadership experience
Event organization
Special Skills
Do you have any special skills you'd like to let us know about? Maybe you're an artist or musician, or you ride the unicycle, or you do graphic design, or you know how to build catapults? We'd love to hear about anything you think might be useful in placing you in a volunteer position where your talents and interests will be engaged.
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Booth or Activity Suggestions
Have an idea that would make a great booth or activity for Science Rendezvous? Give a brief description here. You can also come see us in the STEAM office (121 Machray) to chat it out and see if we can help make your idea happen!
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