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How did you learn about Icelandics?
How long have you been considering an Icelandic?
Do you have a preference on sex? Please consider spay/neuter or intact.
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What price range are you willing to consider for your puppy. The average is $2200.00- $2600.00
Are you aware that Icelandics are active dogs who require an outlet for their energy?
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What activities are you MOST interested in? Please select 3 answers..
Are you willing to make a lifetime commitment to your dog? Consider divorce, moves or lifestyle changes.
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How do you plan to meet your dogs activity requirements ?
Are you aware that the ISD is a barking breed? They may bark at large birds, squirrels, livestock and while at play?
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How would you curb unnecessary or unwanted barking?
How will you correct your dog for mistakes
Icelandics are smart, active family dogs. Most are excellent with children. They prefer to be with family at all times. Likewise, they are prone to separation anxiety. They also require dedicated socialization and early training. Are you well informed on these issues?
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Are you willing to follow through with early puppy socialization?
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Will you take puppy to basic obedience classes?
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How will you deal with separation anxiety?
Are you aware that unsocialized ISD's can become dog reactive? This is especially true of males. Explain how you might handle this behavior.  
The following questions are to give me a better understanding of your needs. Please be as complete as possible in your answers. Every situation is different and we do our best to match the correct puppy with its new owner.  How many adults live in your household? *
Do you have children? If so, please list ages.
Do you have other pets or livestock? If so, please list types
Have you owned dogs before?
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Have you owned an Icelandic before?
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Do you currently have dogs?  List breed and age.
Please select all that apply. My dwelling is a:
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Do you own your home or rent?
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Do you have a fenced yard?
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Is your fencing
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If you have no fencing, please descibe your set-up and how you intend to contain your dog.
How many hours a day will your dog be alone?
Where does the dog sleep? Be specific.
What type of food will you feed your dog?
Do you crate train?
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Are you willing to co-own?
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Do you have a veterinarian?
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May I contact your veterinarian for a referal?  Please give me their contact information.
Do you have any questions about the breed, our breeding practices, training or health?
Are you aware of the breed specific health issues of hip dysplasia and cataracts?  Our breeds hip dysplasia rate is 20% but remains primarily asymptomatic.
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Would you consider testing your dog to better understand these diseases in our breed? The average cost is $300.00.  This isn't a consideration for ownership but is highly appreciated.
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Why do you think you will be a good home for a puppy?
If you are ready for a Valhalla puppy you may secure your name on my list with a non-refundable deposit of $400.00 dollars. If I do NOT have your puppy from your specified litter, you may be moved to the top of the next litter OR I will refund your deposit. Deposits go against the purchase price of the dog.  Should you purchase a puppy from another breeder, your deposit is non-refundable.
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