A Brief History of Beta Phi Lambda Chapter, the Alphabettes , & the Annual Debutante Presentation
Beta Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Debutante Nomination Form
Beta Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was established in 1940 in Savannah, Georgia. The members of the chapter serve in various roles in the community. The membership includes: Judge James Bass, GA State Rep. Mickey Stephens, Savannah Alderman Van Johnson, Medical Doctors Gary N. Harvey, and Bobby Jones and Dentist Billy Jamerson, III just to name a few.In 1945, the chapter established the Annual Debutante Presentation and Ball, at which the finest young women of Savannah, who were in their first year of college, were presented to society. The wives of the brothers served as “matrons” (chaperons) to these young ladies.In 1958, a group of Alpha wives, through the coordinated efforts of the late Mrs. Richard Moore (Ouida) and late Brother A. E. Peacock, President of Beta Phi Lambda Chapter, met for the purpose of organizing an auxiliary to the chapter. They organized and took the name “The Alphabettes.” The wives have played an important role in support of the chapter from its beginning. The most notable and by far the most pleasurable, is the Annual Debutante Presentation, which in 1945 presented six young ladies, to the current Debutante season planning. They present a program of activities designed to accentuate those qualities which exemplify the most desirable traits of refined womanhood. Scholarships are awarded at the end of each Debutante Season to some of the participants. Since 2010, the chapter has awarded more than $36,000 in scholarships. All wives and widows of the brothers are members of the Alphabettes. To list the many contributions from our membership would be impossible. Some of The Alphabettes currently involved include Mrs. John Copeland (Beverly), Mrs. Elijah West, Jr. (Valarie), Mrs. Ramon Ray (Elainor), Mrs. Alfred McGuire (Kimberly), Mrs. DeWayne Gilliard (LaTashia) , Mrs. Ranell Williams (Lori), Mrs. Chester Ellis (Wilmotine) and Mrs. Sam Maddox (Mertha ), All Debutantes receive a Lillie Jackson Ray scholarship. Mrs. Ray worked tirelessly with the Debutantes from 1987 until her illness in November 2012. Please click "NEXT" below.
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