Modern Roleplay Admin Application (Unturned)
You must be able to speak and type English fluently.
You must have a microphone to be an administrator.
You must be a verified member of the discord, which requires at least 5 minutes on our server (see: #bot_commands).
You must have 18 days of relatively consistent playtime. (m!stats)
Do not contact anyone about your application.
It can take up to a week for your response.
The process for admin applications is as follows; The Head Admin will go over your application, they will ping you in discord with either the reason your application is denied or that your application has been approved. If it was approved it will move onto the "Admin Vote" where the current admins vote on the applications and any concerns that they have about you becoming an admin will be voiced. If you pass the admin vote you will be pinged once again in discord and you will simply be awaiting training.  
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Your In-Game Name: *
Do you have a working microphone? *
Your Discord Name including the 4 digit number (#0000) (You must be part of our Discord to be responded to): *
Steam ID64 (Go To To Find): *
Your Age: *
Why Do You Want To Be Admin? (Minimum 50 Words) *
What Can You Do For Modern Roleplay? (Minimum 50 Words) *
Do you have experience in moderating a game server? If so, list any servers you have been admin on. *
What Do Admins Do On Our Server? (Minimum 50 Words) *
Why Should We Trust You With Admin? (Minimum 50 Words) *
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