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Do you prefer the thinner, slimmer "Women's" T-shirt cut OR a "Unisex/Men's" shirt? *
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For non-seniors: Would you like to help out with beautifying Seniors' Women's Empowerment Cords? 1st meet-up will be Friday in C-38 (Wright's)!
The "cords" will look sort of like this!
Would you like to help with the Final Spring/Summer Clothing/Food Drive open to the whole Jeff community? It will run from lunch until 4:30 in either the Library or a dance room, on May 29. *
Did you know May 29 will be one of the last days for seniors!?
If you'd like to help out with something specific (like organizing, sorting, setting up, posters, announcements, etc.), please specify below. Also, if you can only come for a little bit, let us know too (I know the dance rehearsal for Spring Recital is this day!). THANK YOU! *
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