Water for Utah
The situation: Water is one of Utah’s most valuable resources. Even though Utah is the second driest state in the Union, its citizens use the most water per person in the country. Utah citizens have used their water to make the desert “bloom like a rose.” Today in the year 2027, Utahns continue to use large quantities of water. The population in the state has grown 65 percent in the last 30 years, with most of the people settling in the cities along the Wasatch Front. These two factors and a 10 year dry weather cycle, have created a water crisis in Utah. The legislature is considering a bill that would ration water in the state. Many different plans are being considered for restricting water usage. Representatives from a variety of groups that would suffer if they had less water are lobbying legislators to make exceptions for them. The Governor has instigated the Water ALERT Program. He has appointed a Water ALERT Board to consider the possible problems that might affect people if water usage is restricted and to make recommendations. The Water ALERT Board is charged with considering both personal and public challenges.
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