Typist Application
We are seeking intelligent, patient and hardworking individuals with an eye for detail and an excellent command of the English language. You must be able to communicate professionally and prioritize work accuracy, meet deadlines, and focus on customer satisfaction. If interested, please fill out the application, and we'll send you a new link for the test section of the application. We look forward to learning more about you and working together in the future.

The hiring steps are as follow:

1. Written Test
2. Transcription Test
3. Telephone interview
4. Collect additional personal information
5. NDA/Contractor agreements (needs signature)
6. Read through training materials (please read/study thoroughly)
7. Login/password to our online management system
8. Complete 6 training lessons (paid)
9. Start your first transcription project

It is important you know that this is a part-time position. Transcription work can be irregular, however, we expect commitment and high standards when you elect to complete a project. Deadlines are sacrosanct and of utmost importance. Remuneration rates vary from $0.70-$1.00+ per audio minute based on project difficulty, turn-around times, and typist level. Paychecks are issued on the 5th of the month via PayPal. Additionally, you may receive one paycheck early by request per month, the normal paycheck on the 5th will follow, less the value of the early release check. As a contractor, it is your responsibility to manage State, Federal, and Social Security taxes.
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