Open Studio Chugim (חוגים) 2022-3

“Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal resources, including a sense of freedom to venture beyond the known.” - Loris Malaguzzi

Now Offering: Pick up from Efrata, Tali Geulim and Mkor Chayim Schools and Lifschitz ganim!

In our afternoon workshops ("chugim"), children will explore and create in a supportive non-competitive space. Chugim will meet for 27 sessions throughout the year. A calendar will be provided upon registration. All workshops will take place at The Open Studio (Tziporra 9) in Baka, Jerusalem. We speak "easy-English" to give children of all levels the advantage of exposure to English. However, instructors are fluent in Hebrew and English. Non-English speakers are welcome!  Ages in each group are flexible providing the opportunity for siblings to learn together. *Private sessions, tutoring, parties and mini-workshops available upon request. Don't see what you are looking for? Please let us know. We are adding new programs all the time. You can reach us via phone or WhatsApp @054-626-8496 or email: 

Please fill out a separate form for each child.

At-a-Glance Schedule


"Fizz, Pop, Bang" AKA The Science of Art (ages 4-7) 3:30-4:30 Open Studio Masters (grade 5-9) 5-6:15 pm


ArtBC's (gan hova-1st grade) 4:30-5:30 pm


Open Studio Creators (grades 2-5) 3:15-4:30 pm Open Studio Little Guys (gan hova-1st grade) 4:45-5:45 pm


Open Studio "Little Guys" - Wednesdays 4:45-5:45 pm Gan Hova - Grade 1 (flexible) Cost: 270 + 30 (materials fee) = 300 per month (including MAM) Process oriented & aimed at exposing children to many different medium, allowing them to get messy, manipulate different materials, strengthen fine motor skills and make choices. There will be 2-3 stations and children will be free to move throughout. As the year progresses, stations will be changed to meet the interests of the children. There will also be the opportunity to create holiday specific projects.  and I will be customized based on the interests of the children. On a typical week, the stations might be: An individually focused station such as Self portraits utilizing different materials each time.  (colored pencils, watercolors, paints, collage, clay, etc.); A fine motor based activity such as sewing, fuse beads, shrinky dinks, beading or weaving; A sculpture or manipulative activity (clay, fimo, plastalina, salt dough, etc.); A messy option which may or may not result in a finished product (encouraging free play, engagement of different materials, and more gross motor manipulation)

ArtBC's - Baking & Art Tuesdays 4:45-5:45 pm Gan Hova - Grade 1 (flexible) Cost: 270 + 30 (materials fee) = 300 per month (including MAM) We will create our way through the English alphabet, learning how to form and recognize letters as they build upon each other. Children will build their own portfolio/dictionaries to take home at the end of the year; including their artwork, photos and recipes. In addition to hearing English, children will speak in English, hone their fine motor skills, make choices about their artwork and engage in open-ended process art. We will start with A is for Apple Cake and Apple Prints, then move onto B is for butterflies, C is for carrot cake, D is art with dots, S is for Slime and so on. 

Open Studio "Creators" Wednesdays 3:15-4:30 pm Grades 2-5 (flexible) Cost: 350 + 40 (materials fee) = 390 per month (including MAM) Children will navigate through a hub of art & ideas.Various medium will be introduced via 3-4 stations each week and children will be free to move through them at their own pace. We balance just the right amount of instruction and allow the children to discover the medium for themselves. The stations will change every couple of weeks and reappear throughout the year to give children the change to reflect on their own growth and process in a particular art form. Thoughout the year, more materials will be added to stations and will be customized based on the interests of the children. On a typical week, stations might include: A painting or drawing activity (charcoal, watercolors, oil pastels, acrylic paints, etc.) in both realistic and abstract; A sculpture activity (clay, fimo, plastalina, salt dough, etc); A fabrics or craft option such as shrinky dinks, fuse beads, wood staining, glass painting, sewing, mosaics, etc.; A holiday or Jewish life based project: Hanukkiot, mezuzot, havdalah sets, Purim costumes and more. 

Open Studio "Masters" Mondays 5-6:15pm Grades 6-9 (flexible) Cost: 350 + 40 (materials fee) = 390 per month (including MAM) The same as above but a bit more advanced and with a bit more freedom and more professional grade art materials. Designed to allow older children to focus in a preferred medium while also creating a non-competitive space encouraging them to reach outside of their comfort zones, explore and be inspired by others. We will start with an "art meditation" where a different medium will be out on the table and participants come in and silently work in that medium. Then there will be a short “lesson” demonstrating a new medium or technique. The rest of the time (usually an hour) is the students' choice. Based on individual interests, various art forms will be available such as machine sewing, glass painting, mosaics, polymer clay, painting in large & small, plaster of paris, papercutting and more. Opportunities will also be given to create objects surrounding the Jewish year and life in Israel such as Hanukkiot, Purim costumes, Seder Plates, Havdallah sets, mezuzot, tzedekkah boxes and more.

"Fizz, Pop, Bang" - The Science of Art
Mondays 3:30-4:30 pm
Gan Hova - Grade 2 (flexible)
Cost: 270 + 30 (materials fee) = 300 per month (including MAM)
Come hang out with us in the creative space where science and art meet and anything is possible. Make slime, rainbow volcanoes, sidewalk chalk paints, homemade egg paint and more in our STEM inspired workshop. We will learn about color mixing, crystals, solutions, mixtures, magnetism, absorption and apply these concepts in our artwork.  

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