Sandra's House Registration
Thank you for your interest in Sandra's House.
This document is not binding until payment has been received. Once this form has been completed, we will contact you, arrange a meeting if necessary and send you an invoice.
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Please provide us with the names of the previous school(s) or centers that your child attended. *
Is the learner repeating a year? Please give us more information on why. *
Has the learner ever been assessed or diagnosed for educational or other barriers to learning? Please elaborate on the barriers that are diagnosed, or suspected. *
Gr.10-12 learners must be enrolled with a curriculum provider. Most of our learners are with Impaq, but we do accept learners from other curriculum providers as well. Please indicate which curriculum provider you will be using: (you can have a look at Impaq's fees at *
The next couple of questions are for selecting the learner's subjects. If you are unsure of subject choice, please contact us. Life Orientations is compulsory. Please note that only 2 subject changes are allowed between gr.10 and gr.11. Gr.12 learners can't change the subjects they had at the end of gr.11. *
Subject choice: Choose the learner's Home language: *
Subject choice: Choose the learner's second language. (this can also be a home language.) *
Choose one of the following maths options. Learners who had Maths literacy in grade 10 can switch to Maths core, however, it is not recommended and learners will have to catch up on the work missed in gr.10. *
Subject choice: Please choose a min of 3 subjects. It is allowed for learners to take a 4th subject, but not recommended. The subjects marked with ** have extra costs involved. Please download the additional costs from our website: *
Grade of the learner in 2021 *
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