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Partnered with TON/Telegram, Innmind Accelerator, Alchemy Accelerator, GotBit Ventures, Draper Startup House (Tim Draper), Web3 Arabs, Multiple chains and many more. Twitter follower 30,000+, Telegram & Discord combined following 25,000+

The all-in-one free, multichain, low & no-code solution for web3 dApps. Make money as you deploy/ build/ manage and scale your dream dApp with your own user-friendly design, seamless integrations, and potent tools.

"Xircus is the first web3 dApp deployer for Telegram Mini Apps!"

🌎 Market Validation 2030?
Crowdfunding | $28B
Creators | $236B
Defi | $231B
NFT trading | $211B

Key Features:
👱 No-coder dApp builder
A no-code drag and drop page builder, making Web3 application creation as easy as drawing on a canvas.

📲 NO-code Builder
🛠️ Low-code SDKs that offer flexibility without compromising on depth.
🌐 AI - Create/deploy/publish your Smart contracts with our AI smart contract creator, generate cool templates for your dApp with our AI integration!
🌐 Fully Agnostic - Xircus supports multi-chain deployment for multiple blockchain selection.

The smart contracts can be deployed to any EVM compatible chains!

👥 Founders
Strong Founders team: https://xircus-web3-protocol.gitbook.io/xircus-web3-protocol/introduction/the-xircus-company/team

👥 Advisors
▫️ Evan Luthra - 2.4 Million followers https://www.instagram.com/EvanLuthra/
▫️ Jason Hung - top ICO advisor for the Chinese markets
▫️ Ian Scarffe - ICOholder.com top advisor
▫️ Hamza Khan - ICOholder.com top advisor

🚀 Traction past 5 months
▫️+1800 dApps in 3 weeks deployed
▫️ Hosted Successful Xircus hackathon 2023 in Manila PH with 130 hackers
▫️1st place "Smoothie Awards"
▫️Great partnerships or implementation with Chains; TON, BNB, Aurora, IoTeX, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, BASE, Optimism and many more
▫️60k social media followers 
▫️Entering Go-To-Market stage

🕴Partners & Backers
▫️Gotbit Ventures
▫️(Tim) Draper Startup House
▫️Aurora, IoTeX, BNB, TON
▫️Alchemy Amplified partner
▫️InnMind Accelerator Autumn cohort 

💰 Token Economics and Sale Structure
Tokenomics 👉 https://xircus-web3-protocol.gitbook.io/xircus-web3-protocol/introduction/tokenomics/xw3-native-token  

📆 TGE Date
▫️Target date for TGE and IDO: January 2023

To learn more about Xircus,
Join our communities: https://hoo.be/xircusweb3 
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