MidSouthCon 34 Pandemic Survival Sign-up
Please fill out this form if you and a friend are interested in signing up for Survival event A on Friday evening (exact time to be determined) or Survival event B on Saturday evening (exact time to be determined). Official sign-up sheets will be available at the convention. Players that sign-up via this form will be preferred over on-site alternates. You may sign up for both event A and event B. To do so, please fill out this form twice, once for each event. Include your name and your teammate's name as they will appear on your MSC badges.

If you wish to guarantee a seat in either event, please sign up via either official sign-up sheet at MidSouthCon. Teams that sign-up using this form will be preferred only over on-site alternates.

What is your name as it will appear on your MSC badge? *
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What is your teammate's name as it will appear on their MSC badge? *
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In which Survival event do you wish to participate? *
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