GAP North America Initial Questionnaire
This is not a commitment, just an opportunity for us to get a better idea of who you are and what your gifts and interests are. We’ve found that these kinds of questions also provide a helpful basis for starting the conversation with your local mentors.

Briefly (max 1-2 sentences per question) answer these questions. After we receive this questionnaire, a GAP representative will contact you to continue the application process.
Name (First, Last) *
Date of Birth *
Email Address *
Phone Number: Please tell us the best number where we can reach you. *
WhatsApp Number (For International Applicants)
Are you available to start by August 12 of the upcoming school year? (Yes, No & Explanation) *
The Gap Year fee is $9000. Kairos will give you all of the training, support, and resources necessary for you to fundraise the full amount. If accepted, are you willing to do the fundraising? *
Like most mission organizations, in order to fully focus on the mission and training we normally ask participants to set aside pursuing romantic relationships for the GAP year. Are you currently in a relationship? Do you see any issues there? *
Where are you from? Do you participate in the life of a Sword of the Spirit community and/or related Kairos Outreach Work? *
Are you fluent in English? If not, how much of a conversation can you understand? How much can you speak? *
What service experience do you have? [Youth work, University outreach work, Office, Mission Trips...]
What kind of training or skills (esp. computer) do you have that might be helpful?
Why are you interested in a Gap Year?
Is there anything else you want to tell us or ask us at this point?
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