Be Bald - Get Rich - Contest
This is how it works -

Listen to this song -

Choose any Dance Sequence OR Lyrical Line that you like.

Think - Get Creative - What can you do that is awesome and interesting. Prepare and Execute.

Dance for the dance sequences or sing along for the lyrical lines. (Like Dubsmash)

Record yourself, or get someone else to shoot. Make it look great.

Upload your video on YOUTUBE.

Submit the Youtube Link here.

If we select your video for the final edit - YOU WIN THE CASH PRIZE.

Understood? Then what you waiting for.... Start rehearsing.

IMPORTANT - Having a BALD person in your video shot is a must. If you don't feature a bald person, the video will not be accepted. Using an EGG in the video will also disqualify your entry.

Contest Video
Feature yourself in this song and earn "Lots" of money.
Ondu Motteya Kathe Trailer
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