St. Patrick's High School Keady - Homework Questionnaire
What year group is your child in?
What gender is your child?
Is there a parent/other adult at home after school?
What time does parent/ other adult get home after work?
Is your child involved in activities after school?
Indicate the type of activities that your child is involved in afterschool (tick more than one if apply)
Do you have a set time for homework?
How many times do you have to tell your child to do their homework?
Does homework cause tension at home?
What do you think about the amount of homework your child gets?
How much time is spent on homework during the week per night?
How much time do you think your child should spend on homework during the week?
Does your child find homework?
Does your child know what to do for their homework and are able to complete it independently?
What is the most challenging barrier your child faces when trying to complete homework tasks? tick all that apply
How much support do you give your child with homework?
Does you child go to homework club
If your child goes to homework club- what do they find the most useful thing about it? tick those that apply
Do you have any further comments?
Your answer
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