Pre-Tax Transit Benefits Initiation Form
Please complete the following form in order to be eligible for pre-tax transit benefits. Within one week after this form is submitted, you will receive an email with instructions to enroll directly on the Benefit Resources, Inc. (BRI) website.

If you are already enrolled with BRI and would like to change your monthly deduction amount, log into your account at and update your monthly election.
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Calculate your Monthly Deductions:
Payroll deductions are taken only 20 day periods per year (pay periods 5 through 24). There are no deductions taken from your pay for pay periods 25, 26, and 1-4 (summer months) and therefore no benefit is provided for non-deducted pay periods. If you are in need of a transit benefit year-round, then you should increase your deduction during the 20 pay periods to allow you to accumulate funds during the year for use during summer months when there is no deduction or benefit. Deductions are taken from your pay bi-weekly, but the transit benefit is issued monthly (i.e. if you elect $200, you will receive $100 per two pay periods). Since we only transfer whole dollars, please elect an even whole number to avoid truncation.

The below calculation is for your reference only. You will need to re-enter it in your profile once you have been added to the system.
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Other Important Information
There is a lag time in when you receive your benefit. Deductions taken in one month are issues as your transits benefit the following month. Transit benefits are for the exclusive use of the employee.

If you are dropped from payroll deduction for any reason (including no pay), which results in your benefit not being deducted, you are responsible for any missed payments. You will receive transit benefit the month following the deductions being taken from your pay.

I understand that, as regulated by the IRS, these benefits are to be used by me for my commute trips between home and work. *
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Please email if you have any questions.
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