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Self-awareness --> self-understanding --> self-transformation.

As human beings, we all have egos - and that is ok. It is the part of us that makes us unique and individual. Human beings are mentally wired to operate in 16 different ways. These are the archetypes of the ego. The ego, just like any tool, can be used for good and bad. The ego can hold us back when it's scope of consciousness is too limited to allow our souls to thrive. By increasing the scope of your consciousness, you can integrate ALL the parts of you into the ego. The integration process allows you to, essentially, befriend the ego so that it's working for you in achieving what your heart desires.

I want to help you use your ego to help you achieve your goals and to stop holding you back. I use Jungian cognitive functions, metaphysical principles, and personality typology as a tool to help you integrate your shadow and your ego to become a person with integrity. A person with integrity has clarified their goals, is aligned with their vision, knows how to maximize their strengths, is willing to illuminate their limiting beliefs and blind spots, and is ready to forge their own path as a whole, integrated person. You're not clinging onto your type as a means to box you in and hold you back -- you are ready to use your personality as a tool to thrive. Does that sound like you?

All of my 1:1 mentorship is done via back and forth voice messages, using the app Voxer:
I do not offer video or face to face sessions for the time being. Logistical instructions will be given prior to payment. While I will intentionally guide the conversation, I will also leave room for you to share and ask any questions.

All of my mentorship packages come with a FREE personality typing session (valued at $150). Starting at $200, payment is based on the amount of time allotted for sending and receiving voice messages, with multiple packages + payment plans available. Students will receive 10% off. If you're unsure at what level you're ready to invest, email me at and I'd be happy to consult with you.

There are limited mentorship spots available. FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW AND I WILL REACH OUT TO YOU WITHIN ONE WEEK to either 1) share with you of potential mentorship packages I think you'd be a fit for, or to 2) inform you that you've been placed on a waiting list.

Not ready to invest in mentorship, but you just have a quick question? To clarification, to further your understanding, ask me anything here ($25):

Friendly reminder and disclaimer that I am not a mental health professional. I am studied Jungian cognitive functions and metaphysical principles for 8 years, have been a professional coach/mentor for 2, and I'm currently working on a Masters in Organizational Psychology.
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