2024  -  Postcard Pickup                                  
Read ALL Instructions below before signing up.

Sign up now ONLY if you plan to pick up postcard packet(s) TODAY - if it is late at night, just go tomorrow.  We will be monitoring as best as we can and will contact you if your location runs out.  We are a small staff and rely on these generous bin hosts to let us know how things are going.  Pick-up is from 8am-8pm or the next day if you sign up later in the day.

TAKE ONLY the number of packets that you sign up for and be sure to grab a few business cards you can also hand out!  These are great to help your family, friends, grocery store clerks, restaurant workers, delivery workers.  TALK ABOUT THE ELECTION with EVERYONE!
► Are you picking up packets for friends too? Make sure THEY also SIGN UP using this form.
► USE THE APPROVED sample messages as a guide when writing your postcards.  You can see them https://www.gapostcard.org/instructions
STAMP your postcards.  You can purchase postcards stamps here: https://store.usps.com/store/product/buy-stamps/sailboats-postcard-stamps-S_122504
RETURN ALL postcard packets as soon as possible and we will affix address LABELS on them.  When returning your postcards, please make sure your name is on them (on a post-it-note or envelope).  This helps us to keep track and make sure we get them all back.  
►We will MAIL the postcards once we have addressed them all.  Returning them earlier is best, but don't stop writing and telling your friends about this great Project!

We would love to continue this work.  Share this form with family and friends so they can help too!  
Anyone can donate to the Georgia Postcard Project here:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/fin_gpp 

The Georgia Postcard Project is a volunteer group supporting the Democratic Party of Georgia.

THANK YOU for volunteering to make positive change in our communities and our state!
When we all work together, we can do big things!
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 IF YOU ARE PICKING UP FOR FRIENDS – please make sure they sign up on their own, using this form
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