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Restore America Project - Presidential Personnel Candidate Questionnaire

    Thank you for your willingness to serve in the Executive Branch of government to advance conservative principles--to Restore America to constitutional governance, promote free enterprise, protect individual freedom, defend traditional values and support peace through strengthening the defenses of our nation. The Heritage Foundation has been privileged to provide a repository for conservatives to submit their resumes and recommendations to a new Administration. By investing in this Presidential personnel project over one year ago, Heritage demonstrated its conviction that the American people would choose a new direction for our nation on Election Day and wanted to be prepared to promote conservative candidates to the new Administration. This site will no longer accept resumes, candidate applications, or recommendations. Our efforts are now being directed to completing the transmission of the more than 5,000 resumes, candidate applications, and recommendations to the President-elect’s transition team. You may click through the President-elect’s transition site and submit your on-line application directly at The Heritage Foundation thanks you for supporting this Restore America project. God bless America. Becky Norton Dunlop Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Deputy Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel President Ronald Reagan, 1981-1989 Victoria L. Dutcher Manager, Restore America Project