Student and Newcomers Grants for JASAL 2019
JASAL is happy to announce that we will offer a grant for undergraduate students and Newcomer Grant for newcomers to the JASAL conference. If you are eligible and would like to apply, please fill in the form below by Aug 4th (same date as submissions close).

JASAL will offer:
- Student Grant: up to ¥30,000 each for 2 undergraduate student presenters at the main conference (not student forum) whose return travel expenses (on public transportation) to reach JR Sojiji station total more than ¥3000.
- Newcomer Grant: up to ¥20,000 for 1 non-undergraduate first-time attendee (no need to be a presenter) to JASAL with no access to research budget or other funding whose return travel expenses (on public transportation) to reach JR Sojiji station total more than ¥3000.

If selected:
- Recipients should submit an estimate of expenses (details will be given to selected persons later).
- Recipients will pay up front and be reimbursed in cash on the day.
- Recipients are asked to write and submit a report (approximately 1,000 words) on the conference.
- Recipients will need to confirm by a certain date, and register for the conference. If they fail to do so by the date specified, they will not be able to receive the grant and it will be offered to another candidate.

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