Application for Sponsorship of ALP Membership Dues
The 100%-digital nature of LabPhon 17 ( provides the opportunity for students and scholars around the globe to participate, including those who might not have had access to funding to make the trip in person. We are pleased to provide free LabPhon 17 registration to all members of the Association for Laboratory Phonology (

We understand, however, that some individuals may not be able to afford the membership dues. We welcome applications for membership dues sponsorship from any individual who needs financial assistance in paying those dues. We encourage anyone who needs financial assistance to apply, and we will endeavor to sponsor as many individuals as possible. If we cannot sponsor all applicants, we will first prioritize students (from any location) and then non-student members from economically disadvantaged countries. This sponsorship is available to individuals who do not have funding from their department, university, or advisor/supervisor to pay for these dues. Please only apply if this is your situation.

Note that the ALP has recently updated their membership dues structure (; students from many countries around the world can now join for free, and non-students can join at a reduced rate.

If you would like to apply for ALP membership dues sponsorship, please fill out the web form below.
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