Ministry Placement- The Residency at Hidden Acres
Thanks for your interest in being a ministry partner for our residents! In this program, residents are educated for a lifetime of Christian ministry through an integrated one-year master’s degree, equipped to lead in a personalized ministry setting, and empowered to serve in a camp ministry setting. Your partnership is a crucial element of equipping the residents to lead in ministry.

Ministry partners will be responsible for providing the resident with 20 hours of work each week. Their responsibilities will be personalized based on the placement type and the academic requirements throughout the year.

Ministry partners will provide each resident with a $500 scholarship per month for the 10-months that the resident is working in their setting (August-May).

During the application process, prospective residents will be provided with a list of placement options and will select the placement that they believe will be the best fit for them. After the resident has applied for the program, they will have interviews with Eric and a ministry director from your church. Your church will then decide if the resident is a good fit for your placement.

Completing this form does not guarantee a resident will be placed in your church. If you are interested in creating more than one placement option, please describe each option in the form below, or complete a new form for each option.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jesse if you have any questions throughout this process: 
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