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LetsEndorse, through its interactive innovation bank, forges market linkages amongst change-making and change-enabling entities. Impactful/Promising innovative intervention models, looking to syndicate vertically or horizontally, feature on this module and get discovered and approached by those seeking to adopt, customize and deploy them across geographies.
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Ex: Solar-powered hearing aids with open-source design
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Ex: These unpatented hearing aids come with long-lasting rechargeable solar batteries that can make the technology accessible to millions of hearing-impaired across the world.
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Ex: Solar ear is a Brazilian social business that manufactures, assembles and distributes digital hearing aids with solar battery chargers based on a technology that is shared freely. These batteries,costing only upto $0.50 more than disposable alternatives, last up to 3 years as opposed to approximately one week. They are also compatible with 95% of hearing-aids on the market, greatly reducing reliance on expensive and polluting, Zinc-air batteries. Through its integrated approach encompassing detection, research, education, equipment and therapy, Solar Ear has developed a holistic solution to hearing loss. Moreover, by employing young deaf people in the manufacturing process, the company is also working to transform the way society views the skills of people with disabilities.
Why is it innovative? (Max 100 words) *
Ex: The WHO estimates that 360 million people suffer from hearing loss globally. In developing countries, approximately 32 million hearing aids are needed annually, yet only around 750,000 are provided. Solar Ear's approach is designed to meet this gap in supply, as it shares its technology, business model and program protocols for free to like-minded social businesses. It is also developing a smart-phone app designed to make screening accessible to millions.
Existing/Potential Environmental Impact (Max. 25 words):
Ex: Replacing disposable zinc-air batteries with rechargeable solar-powered alternatives greatly reduces battery waste.
Existing/Potential Economic Impact (Max. 25 words):
Ex: At under $100, Solar Ear hearing-aids cost a fraction of the price of conventional models and remove barriers to employment for those impacted.
Existing/Potential Social Impact (if any) (Max 25 words):
Ex:Access to hearing helps tackle the social exclusion hearing impairment causes.
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Ex: Mumbai, Chennai
Where has the solution been deployed?
Ex: Pune, Aurangabad
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