Urban Sensors - hackaton
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Urban Sensors (read more: http://whyr.pl/hackathon/) is a one day hackaton that will take place on 26th of September.
The hackaton will be fully based on a new data-platform with the historical and current (online, in the real time) positions and other meta data of trams and busses in Warsaw (read more: http://whyr.pl/blog/info/2017/08/26/hakaton.html).
Along with delays, routes, etc.
The platform is being created within the VaVeL project and now it will be publicly opened (read more: http://vavel-project.eu).

We will provide Wi-Fi, a lot of data, early access to online services/data API, domain experts (from City Hall), technical experts (from WUoT) and some example problems to solve.
You should bring your laptop, open mind, creativity, willingness to create something useful and a lot of energy.

Participation is free of charge.

Example projects that you might work on:
- tram radar - visualisation of current tram positions,
- predictions of future delays of busses,
- identification of anomalies/un

The hackaton is a part of WhyR conference (http://whyr.pl/), but you can work with any tool you choose without any limitations.

We suggest to work in small groups (2-4 people) on the selected cases . If you wouldn't be able to find a team we can help you find one. It is also possible to work alone or in a larger group, it's up to you.

The registration is open till 18th of September.
We are planning to have up to 40-50 participants.
Priority will be given to participants with larger experience or unique skill sets.
We will let you know if you are accepted till 20th of September.

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