Country Corner Form
submit up to three (3) items every other day/no guns, knives or weapons of any kind/only one (1) car per call/
If you would like to be on the air, then call 743-7812

fill out the form with your items and other information, and then hit submit. Your items will be read on Country Corner the next day.

Rules for the show:
You must be a private party - not a business.
If you sell 5 cars a year the state considers you a dealer.
Please limit the items you advertise to 3.
After you've been on, wait one day, and then you can be on the day after that. Never two shows in a row.
You can keep your radio on - but really low in the background.
Please no C-B amps, alcohol, tobacco, or firearms.
You can just call in to wish someone a nice day if you want

Only submit this form once. Any suggestions to this form email us at Thank you.


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