Stamford School Parent/Guardian Summer Survey 2021
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help me help the Stamford School community.
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What "GLOWS" about our school?
What is GREAT about the Stamford School? What makes it unique? Why is it special?
What are our "GROWS"?
What is something that could change, or be improved, at the Stamford School? What is an area we could focus on to make Stamford better than it already is? What needs some extra tending, some extra attention?
Change is inevitable, especially as new staff join an existing organization. How we meet the challenge of change determines our success and our sense of satisfaction.
What is one tradition, custom, practice, event that SHOULD NOT be changed or eliminated? How does it contribute to your answer to the GLOWS question above?
At a time like this, when some change is already happening, it opens the door for other change to take place as well. Is there any change you would like to see come about that we might be able to enact at this time?
Use ONE WORD to describe the following:
Stamford Staff
Stamford Parents
Stamford Students
Finish these sentences:
(You can use as many words as you like!)
The greatest challenge for the new principal of the Stamford School is...__________________________.
When a student leaves the Stamford School after 8th grade, Stamford graduates should be (list attributes)...__________________________.
A good school principal..._______________________.
Is there anything else the new principal should know?
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I will have children in the following grades at the Stamford School for the 2021-22 school year:
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