Celebrating Small Successes as an Art Educator
This survey is created by art educators for art educators and focuses on celebrating our successes as teachers during COVID-19 and virtual learning. Your responses will remain anonymous. In this survey we are looking back to look ahead. It is okay and necessary to own and celebrate your successes. The purpose of this survey is to facilitate mutual support among us.
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Describe an inspiring moment that you have experienced with a student.
Describe a moment when you helped to contribute to your school community.
Describe a moment when you provided support to a  colleague.
Is there a space where you are sharing your success with your staff and/or colleagues? Does the school community give space for you and others to share their successes?
What small moments have you celebrated in your teaching practice during this time?
What small moments have you celebrated in your own personal art practice during this time?
Do you feel your personal art practice inspires your teaching practice (and vice versa)?
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If yes, please explain:
If no, please explain:
Are there any other areas in your life where you are celebrating small successes? Please describe or share.
The end of the school year is about celebrating our collective accomplishments throughout the school year. What end of the year traditions does your school usually hold?
What is one end of the year tradition you hope to translate into a virtual experience?
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