ACRS 2015 Banquet and Cultural Night Performance Application Form

One of the most anticipated activities every ACRS, the Banquet and Cultural Night is where performances from the host country and representatives from participating countries/regions are showcased and where talents are unleashed. This year, the local organizing committee has prepared an exciting line-up of numbers and performances.

To make the occasion more thrilling and memorable, we would like to invite individuals or groups of participants from every country/region to perform during the cultural night, showcasing their country/region's culture and heritage. Prizes will be given to the winning individual/group. There is no restriction as to the type of performance.

Interested individuals/groups of participants are kindly requested to take note of the following:

Duration of Performance: 8 minutes (additional 2 minutes for preparation)
Maximum number of performers per country: 20
Size of Stage: 16 ft x 24 ft
Mechanics and Criteria for Judging
>>Choreography/Musicality - 20%
>>Talent and Dexterity - 25%
>>Staging and Interpretation - 20%
>>Exposition of Cultural Heritage - 25%
>>Audience Impact/Costume - 10%

Note: Technical Requirements (e.g. sounds, lights, microphones, background video, etc.) should be provided to the conference secretariat in advance.

Individuals/groups who wish to perform during the Cultural Night should signify their intention by accomplishing the form below.

Additional Information:

The Banquet and Cultural Night will take place on the evening of October 19, 2015, 7:00 PM at the Metrotent -Ortigas Center (a few blocks away from Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria). Transportation to the venue will be provided by the organizers.

Attendance to the banquet and cultural night is exclusive to registered participants and invited guests/VIPs. If registered participants have accompanying persons (e.g. spouse, etc.) that are not registered for the entire conference, the accompanying person would have to purchase a ticket for the event. In this case, please approach any members of the Conference Secretariat in the morning/afternoon of October 19 to make the necessary arrangements (e.g., purchase of ticket).

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