SPGENS - Feb 8-10 Tournament (#1)
This is the submission form for players to enter the tournament. The tournament will run Feb 8 to Feb 10 and will be hosted by windshade and KillerWhale.

The event will be a 2v2. The player who submits their team information is the team 'leader' and will be responsible for attending the event as well as following up with updates regarding the event.

Full event details are on Discord #events channel.



1. 2 vs 2 Teamplay, 3 Games in total, Best of 3 ( with 3 different maps)
2. One arch per round for a team
3. Pets, haunting, Avatars and SS Magic are not allowed
4. GoldForce and Premium characters are not restricted
5. Each team can ban 2 characters before the game starts
6. Each team can choose 1 map per round, if gets into the third game, random map will be chosen
7. All players should use level 7 items, level 8 to level 10 items are not allowed
8. The second skill activation of level 7 items should be smaller than or equal to 30%
9. After players entered the room, type in team chat what items and characters are going to use. Once the items stated, all the conditions cannot be changed
10. All terms of ToS must be complied
11. One account per user, no alt account is allowed
12. If your teammate disconnected, COD or leaving the game causing 1 vs 2, the game still continue, if 2 players are disconnected, COD or leaving the game at the same time, will be considered as disqualified, the enemy team would win and auto proceed to next round
13. If one of your team members not showing up during the event time, your team will be considered as losing in that match
14. Private message or Memo is not allowed to distract/harass the enemy team during the match, if found, will be disqualified



1st Place Team: 200 GEN Coins, 30,000 CASH & 2x 2-2 Skill Card
2nd Place Team: 100 GEN Coins, 10,000 CASH & 6 Slot Inventory Increase
3rd Place Team: 50 GEN Coins & 5,000 Cash


**Additional details may be added to the event. Please keep up to date with Discord.**

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