Folius Investment Research Application

Folius Ventures is an APAC-focused, open-ended, evergreen Web3 / blockchain-related fund dedicated to investing in applications as well as the enabling infrastructures and tools through a portfolio of digital assets and equity positions in blockchain companies. Folius was founded by Jason Kam (aka “Mapleleafcap”) with extensive public equities experience and recently launched on September 1st, 2021.

We are looking to bring on an investment research partner: a 1st-principle thinker who will be working with the founder closely to help identify, evaluate, and underwrite public and private Web3 investments.

7 screening questions, 10-15 minutes, when in doubt, go with concise answers / bullet points.
A bit more about us: Link3
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Job Description

  • Invest: identify, underwrite, and oversee public and private investment opportunities
  • Buidl: explore, advise, and/or directly contribute to Web3 projects
  • Evangelize: champion key theses to build our (and your) narrative-defining reputation
  • Competitive to NYC Long/Short hedge fund and investment-banking base-salary
  • Adequate GP profit-share, deal carry, and discretionary bonus
  • 1+ years of investment experience and >= 3 months of Web3 exploration experience
  • Respectable research depth and mental framework
  • Strong intellectual horsepower
  • Good cultural fit - curious, self-motivated, long-term-focused.
  • Sound writing skills (for both internal communication and external research publication)
  • Native fluency in >= 1 language(s) aside from English preferred
  • Additional domain expertise aside from investing preferred
  • Extensive Web3 network and native-knowledge preferred
What we can offer:
  • Mundane, non-research, and non-investment tasks will be kept at a minimum (to the extent we can) – the investment infrastructure is set up where your time will be 100% focused on investing, buidling, and evangelizing.
  • Autonomy and responsibility - you will be driving key decisions, help build the firm, and really define who we are.
  • You will share meaningful upside economics. Open to creative arrangements.
  • You can be based anywhere in the world.
(1/7) - If a token does not have a value-capturing mechanism currently, name a few reasons on why it would go up (aside from market beta like bitcoin / eth going up). *

(2/7) - When is token-buyback a good idea / a bad idea? Name a few of your favorite value-accruing token mechanisms.


(3/7) - In your view, when a project / protocol has both equity and token, how should one think of their relationship with one another?


(4/7) - If from now on,  you are allowed to do only 1 research item before making judgment calls on private / public investments, what would that DD step be and why?


(5/7) - What is a widely-held consensus in Web3 today that you disagree with, and why?


(6/7) - Tell us about the most unorthodox work / investigation you have done to get an answer to a question -- it doesn't have to be Web3 / investment related.


(7/7) - What is your least favorite company in our portfolio and why? You can find it here or here.

What's the best way to reach you? (Email / Telegram)
We will be in-touch within 1-2 weeks.
Please include any other materials here you may consider useful (link / docsend of resume, LinkedIn, investment pitches, writeups, github, degen score, language skills, etc)
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