The Wenatchee Valley Famers Market encourages and promotes community activities by having qualified Non-Profits, Educational Groups, and other community organizations in the Farmers Market. Groups MUST abide by the following rules:
1. Organizations who have a location in the market will be educational and informative. Information will not be controversial in nature and no petitions will be displayed or distributed in the market.
2. All groups must have prior approval by the WVFM Board before having a booth in the Market.
3. Non-Profits, Educational Groups, and other community organizations will not be allowed to sell products at the Market. If organizations desire to sell items, they may apply to the Farmers Market as a regular market vendor or a guest vendor. The Farmers Market will continue to support fundraising activities in the Market for special events that benefit the community.
4. Each booth will be charged $6.00 per market to pay for the stall rent.
5. Four organizations will be allowed per market and a schedule will be established by the
Market Manager to rotate groups into the Market.

Please review the WVFM guidelines for vendors as to requirements for canopies, weights, arrival time and other Market rules.


All Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market Vendors, their representatives, and their families must follow the Code Of Conduct while in the market.
1. Practice patience and understanding.
2. Demonstrate sensitivity to people of all ages, ethnicities and diversities.
3. Treat customers with courtesy, respect and honesty.
4. Assist other vendors whenever possible.
5. Treat market staff, volunteers and other vendors with respect and understanding.
6. Notify the market manager immediately of any unsafe conditions.
7. Resolve conflicts in an unobtrusive manner
8. Rough, menacing, vulgar, profane or abusive language and sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
9. Absolutely NO pet are allowed in the booths at the market unless service dog papers are on person and on
10. Practice safe behaviors at all times, including while driving on and off site, loading and unloading.
11. No vendor may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while participating at the market.
12. No vendor may smoke within the market area. All smoking must be done outside the market area and at
least 20 ft. away from any market tents.
13. All products offered for sale must be safe, have a decent life expectancy and exhibit quality of construction.
14. All vendors will leave their spaces clean, and free of debris. Vendors are responsible for throwing away
their debris in the dumpsters provided by Pybus, behind our storage unit. Do not dispose of your garbage in
the customer trash cans placed around the market.
15. No political or religious campaigning is allowed.
16. Report ALL market sales truthfully.
17. Please refrain from taking pictures of other vendors displays, products or crafts without their permission.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in the “3 Strike Rule” being enforced.


Vendors not complying with the above rule will be subject to the following:
 First Offense – A verbal warning from the Market Manager.
 Second Offense – Followed by the above, a letter in writing from the Market Manager stating the violation.
The Market Manager will advise the WVFM Board of the offense.
 Third Offense – Vendor will be asked to leave the Market immediately by the Market Manager. The
Manager will be assisted by the presence of a Board Member.
Vendors will be allowed to grieve the removal at the next Board meeting. The Board will make the final decision as to whether the removal is temporary or permanent.
Name of Organization *
Contact Person *
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Phone number *
New for 2021* Liability Insurance Carrier & Policy #. Our insurance company, Campbell Risk Management (CRM) is requiring that all vendors (including non-profits) have Commercial Liability Insurance. In addition, each vendor must name the market as Additional Insured or have a Blanket Additional Insured policy. *
Organization Tax Status (i.e. 501(c)3, Federal, etc.)
Description of the information to be provided in the booth: *
I have read and understand the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market Code of Conduct and Three Strikes Rule. *
RELEASE AND INDEMNITY CLAUSE--> I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Wenatchee Valley Farmers Market, The Port of Chelan County, The Pybus Public Market and the directors, officers, employees, agents, attorneys and/or volunteers of these entities from all claims, causes of action, liability, judgements, obligations or costs of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to costs and attorney fees, in connection with any such claims or the like made by or on my behalf of any individual and/or entity and/or the individual’s and/or entity’s spouse, children, heirs, assigns, insures, guarantors, officers, directors, agents or persons or entities claiming by or through individual and/or entity. *
Following receipt of your completed application, you will be contacted by the Market Manager to confirm your request and schedule market dates.
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