To jest formularz rejestracyjny dla zawodników zagranicznych !!!
Jeśli jesteś zawodnikiem z Polski idź tu:
The event will take place on June 25 and 26.
- 25.06.2021 - Individual runs
- 26.06.2021 - Relays, Tandems and Top20 individual (second start for best competitors from 25.06.2021 for Cup of our City Mayor)

Entry fee is 80€ and it contains:
- individual run
- relay run
- tandem run
- accomodation 25/26 June
- food:
- June 25th: lunch, dinner
- June 26th: breakfast, late lunch/dinner (due to hours of event it will be no sense to have both)
- competitor package including official T-shirt

Entry fee will be collected 25.06.2021 at registration office.
FYI - entry fee it's just a sum of hotel, food and t-shirt. We don't charge for starts in any category. We do our event like we always did: FIREFIGHTERS FOR FIREFIGHTERS !!!
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This information will be helpful in making the starting lists. If you did not start ever or from the last competition practiced a lot and count on improvement of the time, enter the time you EXPECT TO GET :) Enter the time in the following format: M: SS, ss - or 1: 45.23; 2: 26,75, etc ...
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